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What is it, to be a hero?

What is it, to be a hero? Look in the mirror and you’ll know. Look into your own eyes and tell me you’re not heroic, that you’ve not endured or suffered or lost the things you care about most. And yet here you are, a survivor of this country, the hardest place anyone in it has ever known.

Place where cowards don’t last long, so you must be a hero, we all are.Some more than others but none of us alone. Some bloody their fist, trying to keep the country safe. Others bloody the streets in hit that they can stop the times, the crime, the cruelty, they disregard the human life all around.

But this is our country. Angel or devil, rich or poor, young or old we live here. We didn’t choose this town, it chose us. Because a hero isn’t someone who lives in heaven above us, keeping us safe, a hero is not a god or an idea.

A hero lives on the street amongst us, with us, always here but rarely recognized, look in the mirror, you can see yourself for what you truly are. You’re a Nigerian and you’re a hero.

This is your country, work smart and hard live to making it a better place for you, your brothers, sisters, father, mother and friend. There is a time that will come that you will be merry looking a back knowing you’ve done well to bed proud that you’re a hero.

Welcome home.

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Lumidy Turna (born Joshua Turna Lumi; 14th December 199#) is a Nigerian news carrier blogger, writer, entrepreneur and Actor. He is best known for his blog.

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